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ZaaKSand™ is an eco-friendly lightweight fine aggregate produced from recycling fly ash, a waste by-product from coal fired power plants. It is an inert ceramic material consisting of thousands of micro-pores. The quality of the finished product such as size, porosity and density can be tailored to meet customers’ changing demand. ZaaKSand™ has negligible chloride and sulphate contents, which together with its inherently relatively low density makes it a lightweight aggregate as defined by DIN 13055-1/2.

It is an excellent alternative to ever depleting natural or manufactured sand as well as commercial grade lightweight aggregates. Sand mining is a significant emerging threat to ecosystems, drastically changing inland and coastal areas. The practice is often very destructive and poorly managed, and is a global phenomenon.

ZaaKSand™ is perfectly suitable for concrete, plastering, mortar and ready-mix mortar applications. The other major application of ZaaKSand™ is horticulture where customers can take the advantage of its low density, inertness, controlled water drainage/retention and insulating roots from frost and increase oxygen levels to roots for high growth. Other applications are in molding (as a foundry sand), paint, and tyres.


Features of ZaaKSand™


ZaaKSand™ is up to 50% lighter than normal sand benefiting improved structural efficiency, vertical urbanization, reduced seismic forces and lower transportation cost.

Replacing natural sand with ZaaKSand™ leads to reduction in the dead-load of the concrete structure, which will allow structural engineers or designers to reduce the size of columns, footing and other load bearing elements. Concrete made from ZaaKSand™ can be up to 15% lighter than ordinary concrete resulting in saving up to 10% in the energy intensive steel reinforcement and cement. 

Superior Quality

ZaaKSand™ has superior and consistence qualities and zero organic impurities as oppose to natural sand. The latter often contains impurities such as coal, bones, shells, mica and silt which make it inferior for the use in cement mortar and concrete. The decay of these materials, due to weathering effect, shortens the life of the mortar and concrete. 


ZaaKSand™ is regular in shape, size and even gradation as opposed to the irregular and angular shape of natural sand, and hence offers excellent workability.

Thermal Insulation

Test conducted at TU Berlin has confirmed that replacing natural sand with ZaaKSand™ in mortars and renders can increase thermal resistance by up to 330% that of normal mortars and renders.

Replacing natural sand with ZaaKSand™ in concrete can increase thermal resistance by up to 180% that of normal concrete. 

Internal Curing

In the 21st century, internal curing has emerged as a new technology that holds promise for producing concrete with increased resistance to early-age cracking and enhanced durability. Replacing normal sand with ZaaKSand™ provides will significant reduction in settlement and plastic shrinkage cracking of mortars and concretes. This is due to the phenomenon called, internal curing, defined as “supplying water throughout a freshly placed cementitious mixture using reservoirs, via pre-wetted lightweight aggregates, that readily release water as needed for hydration or to replace moisture lost through evaporation or self-desiccation”.

Buildings made from LWA have shown excellent durability. The amazing Pantheon Dome, Italy was built in 125 AD and still stand today as testament to the durability of lightweight concrete material. The Pantheon Dome is made from natural lightweight aggregate, pumice. 


Technology Proposition

“Single step solution to both environmental and socio-economic impacts from fly ash disposal and fast depleting natural sand by recycling fly ash into eco-friendly value-added sand, an excellent alternative to normal sand”





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